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Kaori Cha

Koshun (Rich Aroma Green Tea)

We are trying to make new type of Japanease tea. In 2019, We found it and call it Kaori(aroma) Sencha Koshun. We success to enhance aroma without adding anything. It is made of 100% natual green tea leaf but it taste like flowery and Oolong. This Koshun is the unprecented unique tea.

1 what is KAORI-CHA

We tried to develop new type of Japanese tea. In 2019, we found new type of green tea, “kaori-cha” which is the unprecented unique green tea.

2 how to produce Kaoricha

before steaming, we use special machine for withering. This process results in enhancement of natural aroma from pure tea leaves without adding artificial flavor. Kaori-cha Appearance is similar to Sencha. However, it tastes like flowery. This KAORI-CHA is made of 100% natural green tea.

  • before withering
  • after withering

3)Different varieties, different taste.

We would like to introduce some varieties of Kaori-Cha. Every year we tried to test some varieties for Kaori cha. These varieties have like milky, Citrus, flowery and Honey flavor.

4)Kaori Gyokuro

We tried to make Kaori-cha using Gyokuro.
Using Gyokuro leaves for Kaori-cha allows them to has deep green and rich umami and strong flavor. This Kaori Process take long time to produce. However, the aroma of kaori-cha is very interesting. Please try the unprecented tea that is only in our company.
By keeping its original taste, we tackle research of new products such as tea varieties and withering flavor.

Kaori Cha Line-up