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We are frequently asked why our Matcha is so different from other teas. One of the reasons is that we make our Matcha from 100% pure leafs. We have been researching for 30 years which are the most suitable varieties to make Matcha. The content in amino acids, theanine, catechin, etc, differs depending on the variety. For example, the Yabukita is rich in catechin, so it tastes bitter. The Samidori is rich in aminocides, so it has sweetness. The Okumidori is rich in chlorophyll, so its color is dark and bright green.

Single Cultivar

  • Matcha Samidori
  • Goko
  • Saemidori
  • Okumidori
  • Asahi
  • Yabukita
  • Kurasawa

blend matcha

  • Macha Blend High
  • Matcha Blend Basic
  • Matcha Cooking High
  • Matcha cooking basic
  • Organic matcha Basic
  • Organic Matcha cooking high
  • Organic Matcha cooking basic
  • Organic Matcha High

Other Matcha Product

  • Matcha Genmai Cha
  • Matcha latte
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Tencha is the name for tea leaves used for Matcha, before the leaves are ground into fine powder. The Tencha flavor, brewed by same way with Gyokuro, is quite unique, pure, noble, and elegant. The tea color is pale green, the taste is deep and mellow, and the subtle noble aroma lingers in the mouth for a while. It is different both from Gyokuro and Matcha.


  • Samidori
  • Tencha Asahi
  • Tencha Kurasawa
  • Tencha Okumidori
  • Tencha Saemidori
  • Tencha Yabukita
  • Tencha Goko
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Our Gyokuro is made from 100% Gyokuro leaves. The High quality green tea is known as “Gyokuro”. It is known that the percentage of “Gyokuro” domestic tea production is only 0.8%. Furthermore, the percentage of pesticide-free Gyokuro is minimal. The Gyokuro of Ryutsu service is Eurofins pesticide-free certified.


  • Gyokuro Powder
  • GABA Gyokuro Powder
  • GABA Gyokuro
  • Gyokuro Asamushi
  • Gyokuro Fukamushi
  • Gyokuro Organic
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Other Tea, Oolong Koshun

We are trying to make new type of Japanease tea. In 2019, We found it and call it Kaori(aroma) Sencha Koshun. We success to enhance aroma without adding anything. It is made of 100% natual green tea leaf but it taste like flowery and Oolong. This Koshun is the unprecented unique tea.


  • Oolong Koshun
  • Genmai cha
  • Hoji cha
  • Houji Kuki
  • Kuki cha
  • Bancha
  • Organic Genmai cha
  • Organic Hoji cha
  • Organis Sencha
  • Hoji cha Powder
  • Genmai cha Powder
  • Bancha Organic
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Black Tea

Our company owns a quirky farm in Sri Lanka, in which we cultivate and grow Japanese tea plants. Our aim is to make a unique product. We choose the production area of the tea and purchase before auction.


  • Darjeeling
  • Dimbula BOP
  • Red Premium
  • Uva PEKOE
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Our company is so particular about freshly roasted (freshly made) tea that we roast it in a roasting machine made by us. Also, before we purchase unprocessed beans, we visit the place of production for tasting before purchasing the unprocessed beans and sell them. In addition, since we are a tea manufacturer, we also provide cultivation guidance.


  • Galapagos Peaberry
  • Gesha Colombia
  • Gesha Costa Rica
  • Gesha Guatemala
  • Gesha Peru
  • Guatemala Peaberry
  • HACIENDA LA Esmeralda
  • Hawaii Kona Peaberry
  • Kilimanjaro Peaberry
  • Laos Natural
  • Mexico Honey Process Organic
  • Mexico Honey Process
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