EcoFarm by Ryutsu Service Co.,ltd.


Manufactured in-house from field to final product

Our Strength

The fourth generation of tea business started in 1905, “Hattori Yoshiaki”handled green tea which is a special product of Shizuoka Prefecture.Since 1989, we have started cultivation of organic pesticides, and now we grow various varieties in green tea fields of 6 hectares. We would like to incorporate new technological progress into agriculture and propose new services to customers.

Our supply chain

As one of our outstanding features is we are not tea trader but tea farmers. Usually in Japan, tea business is divided into 3 sections: farmer, producer and seller.Our concept is we grow tea plants and sell them by ourselves. Ryutsu service operatesall process under integrated production system.

To make good soil is the basis of makingtea safe and reliable. The meanings making good soil is not to put much fertilizer but to fertilize the shortage only. This is way we commission the soil analysis to understandthe soil conditions. We just have to know that before to fertilize. There are differencesthatthe nutrition fact ismany or insufficient depending on places.

Quality and safety

We settle 2people havingFSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) who can manage a food safety preventive controls program in accordance with theHazard-Analysis and PreventiveControls Rule of the US Food and Drug Administration